What Should I Consider Before A Facelift Surgery?

What Should I Consider Before A Facelift Surgery?

By Clayman | October 13, 2017

A facelift is an easy option to reduce signs of facial aging, including minimizing wrinkles, sagging skin and loss of facial volume. It’s low risk, and your results can last for years. It is our goal to make every patient understand what to expect before, during and after surgery, because we know that your best results can be achieved when you know what to expect and how to care for your new skin.

Recovery Time

The facelift surgery itself is a quick and simple procedure, but it is important to factor in the amount of time you will need to heal. Typically, you will need one to two weeks to recover enough to feel comfortable returning to a normal, active schedule. You might continue to experience some puffiness for few weeks after that.

You will be able to address factors like these during your consultation with Dr. Clayman. Discussing your needs and concerns, choosing the right type of facelift and using proper aftercare techniques can save you months of recovery time. When you are fully healed, you will be able to enjoy your results for seven to ten years after your surgery. As our past facelift clients can attest, a brief recovery time is a small price to pay for years of confidence and youthful skin.


A facelift won’t be able to get rid of every single wrinkle or fine line on your face. Most of our clients hope to appear younger and refreshed but also want to avoid looking overdone. At Dr. Clayman’s Surgery Center and Miracle Spa, we prefer this subtle approach. This means that your skin may not be flawless, but you will look years younger without it being obvious you’ve had work done.

You can also opt to receive an eyelid lift, neck lift or facial fillers at the same time as your facelift procedure. We often recommend these to clients who are looking to refresh their appearance beyond the capabilities of a facelift alone. If you have sagging skin around your neck, drooping eyelids or particularly loose skin around your cheeks, these extra options could be an excellent fit for your concerns. Dr. Clayman will do a thorough assessment of your face, address your concerns and discuss procedures that might be right for you.


Adopting healthy lifestyle habits can be an adjustment if you haven’t taken the best care of your skin over the years. The most significant lifestyle changes you can make might be lifestyle related: quitting smoking, drinking more water and spending less time in direct sunlight are all important ways you can heal and preserve your new skin.

Additionally, a good skincare regimen can make a big difference in your recovery and results. Using the right skincare products can reduce puffiness and prevent your wrinkles from coming back. But if you’ve never had to navigate the world of skincare before, the endless types of sunscreens, moisturizers and anti-aging products might seem confusing — especially when it comes to identifying ingredients and learning how and when to apply them. Rest assured, at Dr. Clayman’s Plastic Surgery Center and Miracle Spa, you are in the hands of experts who will guide you through the world of skincare and help you choose the best products and ingredients for your post-facelift needs.Our knowledgeable and compassionate staff will guide you in choosing the ideal skincare to maximize your facelift results and keep you looking younger for years to come!

A facelift has amazing results. By entering your facelift procedure journey fully informed and prepared to maintain your new skin, we know you will notice a change for the better in yourself and your life. Regain your confidence and your youth with a facelift at Dr. Clayman’s Plastic Surgery Center and Miracle Spa! Call us today at 904-388-6110 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Clayman. We are here to assist with any of your questions or concerns. We are excited to meet you!