Other Featured Products

Along with the several skin care products offered at Dr. Clayman’s Surgery Center & Miracle Spa, we also provide cosmetics that enhance your appearance and the quality of your skin. The Miracle Spa houses high-quality products that help you look and feel beautiful and complement your current skin care routine.

Many cosmetic lines only work by covering up imperfections on the skin’s surface, and while that is an important quality, it ignores any improvements to skin quality or texture. If you have ever worn makeup that clogged your pores or made your skin look dull, then you know what it’s like to use products that work against your skin, not with it.

It’s important to utilize cosmetics that improve the condition of your skin. Retaining moisture, brightening your complexion and removing irritants are vital for your skin’s health. At the Miracle Spa, you will have access to multiple products that allow your skin to make fundamental improvements.

Genie Line Smoother

Fine lines and wrinkles can get in the way of even-coated makeup application, which is why the Genie Instant Line Smoother was formulated. The clear cosmetic instantly improves the texture of the skin and allows you to put on makeup with ease. Just apply a small amount of Genie to your face and neck before putting on your makeup for the day.


Long, dark and full eyelashes will make your eyes pop and enhance the additional cosmetics you use on your face. To help you add even more volume to your lashes, you may benefit from RevitaLash Cosmetics. Eyelash conditioners, primers and mascaras are all available to help strengthen your lashes and increase their dramatic effect.

Marc Harvey Beauty

Airbrush makeup is becoming more and more popular due to its long-lasting results. If you have a special occasion forthcoming, getting you makeup done with exclusive airbrush products by Marc Harvey Beauty Cosmetics may be an efficient option. Not only does the lightweight product blend with your natural skin tone, but also it’s completely waterproof and lasts for up to 16 hours.


One of the most essential products in any woman’s makeup arsenal is her foundation, but most don’t want their foundation to feel like it’s caked onto their skin. Colorescience® offers lightweight foundations and bronzers that allow your skin to breathe and feel natural. Other product options include tined UV Protectors and Enhancers to conceal imperfections or highlight certain regions of the face.

Want More Information About Our Featured Products?

For more information about the cosmetics we offer or to find out which of our featured products are right for your skin, contact Dr. Clayman’s Surgery Center & Miracle Spa at 904-388-6110 and schedule a consultation with a skin care professional.