Nail Services

A manicure or pedicure is not only a way for you to treat yourself, but also it’s beneficial for the health of your nails and skin. Attending to the beauty of your nails will keep them clean as well as provide nourishment for your cuticles.

At Dr. Clayman’s Plastic Surgery Center and Miracle Spa, our licensed nail technicians are ready to provide you with luxurious service that leaves you feeling completely relaxed and comfortable. The Miracle Spa offers several nail services depending on your particular needs. Each treatment is designed to improve the quality of your skin and encourage your nails to grow thicker and longer.

Some of the nail services we provide include:

    • Manicure

A manicure at the Miracle Spa includes a nail trimming and shaping as well as the grooming and conditioning of your cuticles. Your nail technician will remove your current polish and polish your nails with the color of your choice. You’ll enjoy a relaxing hand and lower arm massage as part of this treatment.

    • Manicure with Gel Polish

Similar to a standard manicure, gel polish is a particular nail polish that is long-lasting and less prone to chipping. Your nail technician will also trim and shape your nails as well as massage your hands and arms with hydrating lotion.

    • Deluxe Spa Pedicure

The Deluxe Spa Pedicure pampers your legs and feet by beginning with an exfoliating scrub that eliminates dead skin cells. Your nail technician will remove your current nail polish, trim, shape and buff you nails, condition your cuticles and treat any calluses. Afterward, your technician will apply a hydrating mask that adds moisture to your skin. Additionally you will receive a relaxing leg and foot massage.

    • Paraffin Wax Treatments

A paraffin wax treatment is an optional add-on to any nail service and works to soften your skin and increase blood flow to the hands. Paraffin treatments are performed during manicures and pedicures and bonds very nicely to the skin. During treatment, your hands and feet are submerged in wax, wrapped in plastic and left to sit for 15-30 minutes. Afterward, your skin will hydrated, soft, and silky smooth.

You can find out more about the nail services we offer by scheduling an appointment at the Miracle Spa. Call (904) 208-2727 to get started on your treatment.