Our staff is available to answer any and all questions you may have about our products and services. Of course, if you have specific questions about your individual procedure or don’t see an answer to your question listed here, please contact Dr. Clayman’s Surgery Center & Miracle Spa and schedule a consultation.

To help familiarize you with our processes and prepare you for treatment in our surgery center or spa, we’ve collected some of our most frequently asked questions for you to review. As always, do not hesitate to call a member of our team for further information.

When can I schedule a consultation?

We schedule consultations on Tuesdays and work with you to coordinate a time that fits into your schedule. Dr. Clayman is typically in surgery Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Feel free to contact our office at any time to schedule a consultation.

What happens during my initial consultation?

Your consultation will start with the completion of a registration form and medical history questionnaire. Afterward, you will meet with Dr. Clayman, one-on-one, to discuss your individual concerns.

Dr. Clayman will perform a physical examination and take photographs of the treatment area. He will then go over several procedural options that he believes will benefit your unique facial or bodily contour.

We encourage you to do research on the procedure you’re interested in and come up with a list of questions to ask. You’re free to ask as many questions as you’d like, and we’ll provide you with patient-specific information that helps you make a meaningful decision about your cosmetic enhancement.

You will also discuss potential risks and complications that you may experience during or after surgery. Overall, we help you visualize your anticipated results and allow you to determine whether the procedure is right for you.

Our team would be happy to provide you with an estimate for your surgery as well as schedule a time for you to receive it. Dr. Clayman performs all surgeries in an on-site state accredited surgical facility that is separate from the examination rooms.

What can I expect to pay for my initial consultation?

All initial consultations are complimentary, as we believe in providing you with useful information that helps you decide whether to move forward with surgery. We simply want to educate you and give you the resources you need.

What are your accepted forms of payment?

For surgeries, we accept cashier’s check, money order or CareCredit. We do not accept charge cards for surgeries.

For nonsurgical procedures or treatments within our Miracle Spa, we accept all major credit cards as well as CareCredit, cash, money order or cashier’s check.

Are the doctors board certified?

Yes, both Dr. Loren and Mark Clayman are board certified and specialty trained. Dr. Loren Clayman is double board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. Dr. Mark Clayman is a Board Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon.

Do I need to do anything before my consultation?

If possible, we ask that you bring any medical information with you to expedite the beginning stages of your consultation as well as any questions you may have about the procedure you are interested in.

How do I prepare for surgery?

Your preparation will often depend on the procedure you are receiving; however, we usually suggest that you refrain from taking certain medications, such as vitamin E, Aspirin or blood thinners beforehand. If you have questions about your current prescriptions and whether they will interfere with your surgery, please let us know.

We also advise you not to eat or drink six hours before surgery; the only exception being small amounts of water with any antibiotics that Dr. Clayman has prescribed. You should remove all metal jewelry the day before your surgery — do not bring any valuables with you to the surgery center on the day of your procedure. Any clothing requirements will vary depending on your surgery and will be discussed with Dr. Clayman beforehand.

When do I pay for my procedure?

All payments are due on the day of surgery. We do not require a deposit when you book your procedure.

Will my private insurance cover my surgery?

Insurance companies do not cover the cost of cosmetic or elective surgeries.

How do I get more information about your surgical procedures?

The best way to learn about our surgery center is to either peruse our website or get in touch with the office and speak to a member of our team. We would be happy to explain the procedures we offer and answer any questions that you may have. When you’re ready, you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Clayman for the particular procedure you’re interested in.

Where is my surgery done?

To ensure your safety and confidentiality, Dr. Clayman performs all surgeries in a private, State of Florida-Accredited Surgery Center located at St. Vincent’s Medical Center on the Riverside campus.

How long do I have to wait before I have surgery?

Your waiting time for surgery will depend on the procedure you wish to receive. Typically, you will have to wait between two and six weeks to have surgery after your initial consultation.

Who will be performing my surgery?

Either Dr. Loren or Mark Clayman will perform your surgery, depending on your desired procedure. The surgeon with whom you had a consultation is who you can expect to carry out your surgery.

What happens during recovery?

Your recovery will depend on your particular treatment, as there are specific instructions for each procedure. Dr. Clayman will explain what you can expect during your recovery as well as your post-operative instructions and how long it will take you to heal completely.

Dr. Clayman will also arrange a follow-up appointment after your surgery to check on your progress. If you have any questions or concerns during your recovery, do not hesitate to contact our office.

What treatments are available at the Miracle Spa?

The Miracle Spa focuses on nonsurgical and minimally invasive treatments that provide overall cosmetic rejuvenation. We offer laser hair removal, CoolSculpting, chemical peels, facials, microdermabrasion, therapeutic treatments, nail services and massages.

You can consult with one of our estheticians about the treatments that may be right for you, or you can contact the Miracle Spa and schedule an appointment time.

How do I tell which Miracle Spa treatment is right for me?

We recommend consulting with either our laser hair technician or esthetician to learn more about the services we offer. With a careful evaluation of your skin and body contour, we can suggest the treatment options we think would be the most beneficial. When you’re ready, you may schedule a time to come in and receive treatment.

How do I go about paying for a procedure at the Miracle Spa?

All payments for treatment at the Miracle Spa are due at the time of your appointment.

What if I have a gift card?

We welcome the use of gift cards for both the surgery center and Miracle Spa. If you plan to use an eGift card, please print it out or show it to us on your mobile phone on the day of your appointment, which is when payment is due.

Who will be performing my spa treatment?

Depending on the treatment you are interested in, either our laser hair technician, esthetician or massage therapist will perform your procedure. All of our skin care professionals are highly qualified, experienced and ready to give you the care you need.