How to Maximize Your Breast Augmentation Recovery

How to Maximize Your Breast Augmentation Recovery

By Clayman | October 2, 2017

Your reasons for seeking cosmetic breast enhancement are personal. Perhaps your breasts have always been on the smaller side or maybe they’ve changed over time from aging, pregnancy or weight loss. For some women, the desire for breast implants comes after having one or both breasts removed in a mastectomy. Regardless of your individual motive, breast implants can be a great way to increase the fullness of your breasts. If you are unhappy about the appearance of your breast, consider a breast augmentation at Dr. Clayman’s Plastic Surgery Center to boost your self-confidence and complement your overall feminine physique.

Knowing Your Options

As you begin research on breast implants, you will quickly learn that there is no one-size-fits-all procedure. There are many different techniques and decisions that go into breast augmentation. During a consultation with Dr. Clayman, you will have your breasts examined in order to design an individualized treatment plan.

We offer both silicone and saline-filled implants to increase the fullness of your breasts, but the type that is right for you will depend on your consultation with the doctor. Beyond the implant type, you and Dr. Clayman will also work together to find a size that will provide you with the most natural-looking aesthetic. Lastly, you will also discuss placement methods so you can know where to expect incisions.

This appointment also serves as a way for Dr. Clayman to get to know you and your aesthetic goals. If you have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to bring them up during the consultation so you walk away feeling confident and prepared for your surgery. Feeling educated about the procedure, your options and the final outcome will help to maximize your recovery from breast augmentation.

How to Endure the First Few Days

Immediately following the procedure, you will need to recover in our facility for a few hours before returning home. It’s likely that you’ll still feel a little drowsy from the anesthesia, so we require someone to drive you. Prior to your discharge, you can expect to have your newly-shaped breasts bandaged up and placed in a support garment to help them keep shape as they heal. Some moderate swelling and bruising will be likely, but these will subside over the next several weeks. While you won’t be on complete bed rest, the first 24-48 hours of your recovery period should be reserved for only very light activities.

Why Following Instructions is Crucial

Breast implants are done on an outpatient basis, so the importance of aftercare at home is especially crucial. Knowing how to care for your incision sites will be essential factor for avoiding any post-operative infections or complications. Before you’re allowed to return home, you will be given specific and detailed instructions from your surgeon. Discomfort levels vary between patients, but it’s likely that you will feel some pain during your initial recovery period. We want your downtime to be as pain-free as possible and we will prescribe you a medication to help minimize your discomfort.

As you recover, we suggest limiting your strenuous activities for at least the first few weeks. Avoiding heavy lifting and difficult exercises as your new breasts heal can mean the difference between a healthy speedy recovery and a painful, complicated one. As for lighter activities, most of our patients feel well enough to return to work and other daily routines after about a week.

It’s important to remember that your relationship with us does not end after your breast augmentation surgery. We will see you for a follow-up appointment to ensure your new breasts are living up to your expectations. If during your recovery period you have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to call us right away. You can trust in us to be there for you through every step—from consultation through recovery—as it is our goal to leave you feeling happy and confident about your decision to receive breast implants.

Enhance Your Natural Beauty

A breast augmentation procedure is truly a surgical art. There are various techniques involved, and during an initial consultation you will get to learn about your options. We know your motivations for seeking out breast augmentation are unique to you, which is why Dr. Clayman takes the necessary time with each patient to understand their lifestyle and aesthetic goals.

With our years of specialty training, you can be sure to achieve natural-looking breasts that emphasize and enhance your natural beauty. If you’re ready to live a happier, more confident life, call Dr. Clayman’s Plastic Surgery Center & Miracle Spa today at 904-388-6110. We would be happy to answer any initial questions you have about the breast augmentation procedure or set you up with a complimentary consultation.