5 Lip Filler Myths Busted

5 Lip Filler Myths Busted

By Clayman | August 13, 2018

Full lips are in vogue, which has brought cosmetic lip fillers surging to the forefront of the aesthetics market. A more modern replacement for permanent lip-plumping implants, these temporary injectables offer a non-surgical way to add volume to your pout without commitment. They can last six to twelve months and occasionally longer, be dissolved if desired, and be replaced as they wear off. This versatile treatment can be customized with filler amounts and placement to give you lips that complement your unique facial structure. And, they work well for a variety of clients — most fillers don’t contain unnatural substances or allergens, so there’s little concern for an adverse reaction. 

If you’re wondering what’s not to love about lip fillers, many plastic surgeons and aesthetic professionals would agree. But with the sudden burst in filler popularity, several rumors have arisen that might make some clients hesitate. If you’re on the fence about getting fuller lips with fillers, our myth-busting guide might be able to help you decide what’s right for you.

1. “I’m worried that my lips will never look the same.”

It’s not a wild assumption to think that lip fillers might permanently alter your lip shape. After all, you’re injecting a substance that does cause your skin to stretch to your lips’ new volume. But fortunately, this conclusion doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. Skin is surprisingly elastic and easily shrinks and expands with underlying changes. And, since your body naturally absorbs the materials of the filler over the course of a few months, your lips will gradually shrink back down to their usual size — they won’t end up looking saggy or deflated. Even if you choose to maintain your fillers for quite some time, your skin can adapt.

2.“I want plumper lips in time for my event tomorrow!”

Since lip fillers seem like such an easy treatment, many clients think they can schedule a quick appointment and enjoy their plumper lips immediately. If it’s your first time getting fillers, you can likely expect your appointment to last a bit longer than your lunch break — in addition to your injections, you’ll need to sit down with your provider to talk about your goals and to make sure that you’re a good candidate for fillers. And, while getting lip fillers certainly won’t put you on bed rest, you can have some swelling and bruising that might last a few days after your session. Your provider will likely recommend a few tactics to help your lips heal more quickly, including icing to reduce swelling or avoiding alcohol to minimize bruising. Be sure to follow these carefully until your side effects have gone down — plan on your pout being party-ready between three and five days after your appointment, and give it two weeks for the product to settle completely.

3. “Can I have lips just like [celebrity]?”

 While many famous men and women have enviable lip shapes, it’s important to consider facial structure as a whole before getting your heart set on an ideal result. Angelina Jolie’s famously full lips might be unbalanced on someone with a smaller jawline, for example, and Chris Evans’ sultry bottom-heavy look could go awry if you don’t plan to sport facial hair. Every face is different, and it’s your provider’s goal to enhance your natural appearance rather than leave you looking overdone. Try to approach your consultation with broader goals, like “I’d like more overall fullness,” or “I’m hoping to fill my top lip to match the bottom.” That way, your provider can understand the results you’re going for and use the perfect amount and placement of filler to accomplish your goals.

4. “I can always tell when someone has had lip fillers injected.” 

Any aesthetician worth their salt knows that the number of people with lip fillers would likely surprise you, even if you think your cosmetics radar is foolproof. Experienced lip filler providers deliver subtle results that bring balance and enhancement to your face without calling undue attention to your lips. If you want to play up your natural features but don’t want to risk a plastic-surgery-gone-wrong look, fillers can actually be a great choice because your provider has complete control over how much product they use and where it’s placed. That’s why choosing an experienced and well-reputed provider makes all the difference — someone who can approach your treatment with a true artist’s eye will know exactly the right techniques to make sure your lips fit seamlessly into your facial structure. 

5. “All types of filler are basically the same.”

While it’s true that the majority of dermal fillers are created with the same basic ingredient — hyaluronic acid — different brands offer a host of unique formulas that do matter when you’re choosing lip fillers. Some of the most popular brands, for example, are Juvederm and Restylane, both of which also create several different versions of their basic formula for different reasons. Juvederm Voluma XC and Restylane Lyft, for example, use larger molecules of hyaluronic acid to create a heavier, thicker filler that is ideal for lifting hollowed cheeks. These formulas might leave your lips looking too stiff or overfilled; they aren’t ideal for the small creases that give your lips depth and texture. Juvederm Ultra XC, Juvederm Volbella XC, and Restylane Silk, though, are specially formulated just for the lips with much smaller particles of hyaluronic acid. These lightweight options add soft volume to the lips without puffiness or immobility.

If you’re interested in adding volume to your lips with a filler like Juvederm or Restylane, schedule a consultation with a board-certified provider near you. In Jacksonville, Florida, the expert team at Dr. Clayman’s Plastic Surgery Center and Miracle Spa offers the full suite of dermal fillers for your aesthetic needs alongside a range of other cosmetic treatments and surgeries. Contact us today at 904-388-6110 to make your injectables appointment with our board certified, Harvard educated plastic surgeons, Dr. Mark Clayman or Dr. Loren Clayman.